Nova Calefacción wants grants for the SHE campaign

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We have joined forces with Nova calefacción by signing a collaboration agreement in which the Galician company joins the SHE campaign which aims to facilitate access to secondary school for 3000 12 year old girls in Burkina Faso, El Salvador and Bangladesh.

Being 12 years old, a girl and living in a poor family is a situation of extreme vulnerability. A lack of resources, cultural norms and just being a girl all carry risks for her and mean many of her basic rights will be neglected, like the right to education, protection from violence, health or the right to make decisions.

With this agreement, Nova Calefacción contributes to the creation of a grants fund so that these girls can continue their studies and choose a better quality of life which will allow them to break the cycle of poverty and its risks. Education means SHE and her family have a future. It gives her the chance to find a decent job, make her own decisions and stand up for her rights.

Intervida, with the support of Nova Calefacción, would like raise awareness and seek the complicity of Galician society to create a grants fund for 3000 12 year old girls in Burkina Faso, El Salvador and Bangladesh. From the Nova Calefacción website: www.novacalefaccion.com every “Like” will be transformed into a contribution to a grants program, as will any request for or acceptance of a budget through our website.

Raising awareness about the importance of girls continuing at school and providing them with the support to do so is the aim of the SHE campaign.

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